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The Secret Is Out: This Marketing Strategy Will Be Ignored No More

I can remember the crazy looks I would get back on ’09 when I would talk about CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!

Business people just couldn’t wrap their head around how CONTENT could generate sales, leads and referrals.

It takes less convincing today and will take even less tomorrow.

Content marketing is hot:

Today, I get calls from people asking me about content marketing.  What the heck is it?  How do I do it?  I think my competitor is doing it.

I go to meetings where other people are talking about content strategy.

But content marketing isn’t new.

Smart marketers have been practicing it for years. Actually, decades.

The Furrow is still published by John Deere todayIn 1895, John Deere launched The Furrow, a magazine that was intended to educate farmers about technology changes and best practice in farming — and John Deere products happen to be a very big part of that technology and best practice.

The Furrow is still published by John Deere today.

Educate, inform, inspire, assist, entertain.  All viable goals for a content marketing strategy.

But the Internet changed the logistics

Geniuses like Bill Gates realized the advantages of the Internet immediately.  Gates penned this in 1996 in an article entitled Content is King:
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A Hilariously Sad Look At How We Measure The Wrong Things

Don’t forget:

  • You can’t use website traffic to pay your electric bill.
  • You can’t pay your mortgage with YouTube video views
  • You can’t eat your Twitter followers (well, I guess you could but you would have the law to answer to for that Mister.)

Make sure you are measuring the right things.  Number of leads, closing rates and sales are still primary metrics.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Twitter, YouTube or worry about SEO.  Maybe you should.  Just make sure the raw number is not the only thing you are measuring.

This video from marketing agency john st. is unfortunately only slightly over the top:

Sometimes marketing is so simple, read this

You won’t believe how they did it. An advertising agency increased sales for a UK Kraft cereal brand called Shreddies by 18%. They didn’t change the formula, the size or the shape. Here’s how they did it:

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Print and Steal This Headline Swipe File But Use It For Good, Not Evil

Every tiny business owner that is working in the “digital age” should have a Headline Swipe File. I break out this document when I am writing: An article title A headline for a sales page An email subject line A name of a presentation A name of a video etc, etc And, I copy and [...]

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The Scalable Way To Lead Cold Leads To The Sale

Figure out how to answer this question for cold prospects in a scalable manner: “How can I experience you and your solution without risk?” Your biggest problem is that your prospect doesn’t think you are going to do what you say you are going to do.  Build trust by repeatedly having successful transactions with cold [...]

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Worth Your Time: The Microbusiness Hub

If you are a tiny business owner, you should know about the Microbusiness Hub. Started in the UK, this community of tiny businesses is publishing five times per week on the issues that affect the microbusiness owner. A few weeks ago I recommended that you read the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) report from Google.   [...]

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The Easy Way To Sell

Here’s the deal… Lately, I am noticing that I am getting out of shape.  Flabby, no energy.  But I have kids and a business to run — there’s no time to exercise! It’s a story that I tell myself: “I am out of shape.  It’s important to exercise.  But I don’t have time.” It’s a [...]

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Social Media: Time Drain or Referral Machine?

Here’s what I saw when I started my tiny business…

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Adding This Single Web Page Could Create More Leads For You

Before we buy, we do research. This is not up for debate folks.  Most prospects won’t contact you to find out about your solution. Instead, they will research you and your solution —- and mostly online. If you are getting website traffic but no leads, it’s likely that prospects are not finding what they are [...]

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Worth Your Time: How To Focus Your Social Media Time

Last week I was published on Social Media Examiner. The post entitled, How To Find Influential People Using Social Media, is literally a step-by-step guide that I developed to help myself and my clients focus their time when using social media. Seriously, this system has done absolute wonders for my career because it allows me [...]

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