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Bob BurgBob Burg is an endless source of inspiration and information for me.  He is author of Endless Referrals, The Go-Giver and most recently It’s Not About You, three books that are Worth Your Time.

Reading Bob Burg’s blog has made me a better communicator and salesperson.

And, his posts are usually very short (Read: precise and to the point) with a lively discussion in the comments section.

Read Bob Burg’s blog,  it’s definitely Worth Your Time.  Find Bob Burg’s blog here.


  1. WOW, Russ. Thank you so VERY much. I’m honored, indeed!!!!!

  2. Thanks for all you do Bob!

  3. Hi Russ, I’ve read the Go-Giver and loved it. If you handle business in the way Bob talks about, it really pays off. In addition, it helps you stop seeing yourself as a salesperson. Instead you can be someone who helps and that in my opinion is a much more powerful way of working in a tiny business :-)

  4. Georgina, I greatly appreciate your kind words about the book and your thoughts. The only area in which I might very respectfully disagree is where you say it “helps you stop seeing yourself as a salesperson.” If you believe that being a salesperson is a matter of serving others with a focus on proving great value to them (via giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy) you’d proudly accept the title of professional salesperson. I did a post on this that explains it a bit more fully. You may or may not be interested in taking a look. http://www.burg.com/2012/03/embrace-your-inner-salesperson/.

    I believe I do understand what you meant. And, again, thank you for your very kind words about the book. So glad you enjoyed it.

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your comment – I think I’m busted! I can feel awkward “selling” and after reading your book it helped me position what I do with vocabulary that felt more comfortable. But I’ll accept your correction because as you’ve pointed out, being a professional salesperson in the Go-Giver sense captures all those positive things that I’d like to bring to my business. Thanks for showing me to embrace the term with confidence :-)

  5. Hey Russ

    Great to meet another Bob fan! I interviewed him earlier this year and its so cool to hear him speak about the principles in person

  6. Excellent, I am definitely a fan Veronica — can you put a link to the interview in a comment here (assuming it’s online)?

  7. Hey Russ, here you go :-)


  8. Georgina, that’s sweet of you. :-) The funny thing is that even those who take pride in being professional salespeople often do/say the same thing. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you do in fact bring ALL the positive qualities of the term to any and every person whose life you touch.

  9. Veronica, thank you for your always-kind words, my friend!

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