The Easy Way To Sell

Here’s the deal…

Lately, I am noticing that I am getting out of shape.  Flabby, no energy.  But I have kids and a business to run — there’s no time to exercise!

It’s a story that I tell myself:

“I am out of shape.  It’s important to exercise.  But I don’t have time.”

It’s a short story to be sure, but one that millions of people tell themselves each day.

If you want to sell me something the easy way, enter that story.  Or, enter any other story that I am telling myself.

It’s easier to sell me because I am already telling the story.  You only need to tell me how you fit.

Could a fitness trainer get my attention with an article, video or email subject line like this:

8 Exercises To Do While Standing In Line At The Grocery Store

Do you know the stories that your customers are already telling themselves?

It might be a story that is rooted in values like:

  • I am a good father because I always provide for my family (A life insurance provider can enter this story)
  • Technology is too hard for me, but I need it to win in business (A freelance IT provider can enter this story )

Or, it might be a story born of circumstances like:

  • It’s dark and cold outside and I don’t feel like cooking dinner, but I do want something good to eat  (A restaurant sign might enter this story)
  • I just bought airline tickets to Jamaica and I will have a great time if I fit into my bikini (A freelance dietician could enter this story)

It’s hard to make me create a new story, and then sell me something.

Much easier to figure out the story I am already telling, and enter the conversation.

This concept is kind of “out there.”  Let me know in the comments if you know what I mean.  For those of you that “get it,”  how could I have explained this concept better?  I would love to discuss it with you!


  1. Hi Russ, this is a great concept and a really valuable idea. I’ve heard it from the angle “enter the conversations that are happening around the kitchen table”. It’s exactly the same idea and of course the benefits are that your “sales pitch” is no longer intrusive, but can slip in and even be welcomed. It’s a great marketing strategy which tiny businesses can use to their advantage.
    Georgina El Morshdy recently posted..How To Get Great Blog Posts If You Have More Money Than TimeMy Profile

    • That’s a great way to think about it. The conversations that happen around the kitchen table are obviously very important to us and those that we love. Thanks for adding this Georgina!

  2. Oooh, I like this! I can put this to use right away as I am writing headlines for the next 6 weeks of posts today and tomorrow!

    Thank you! Please continue!
    Barbie recently posted..The Parts of a Cacao Bean by Cam of Dandelion ChocolateMy Profile

  3. Hi Russ, this totally makes sense!
    Have you you read “Made to Stick” ? (I highly recommend this book.) Chapter 6 is about stories. “This is the role that stories play — putting knowledge into a framework that is more lifelike, more true to our day-to-day existence.” People understand the value of stories. It makes your message stickier / memorable.
    happy Friday!
    Peggy Nehmen recently posted..Is it time for a graphic design “tune-up”?My Profile

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