Sometimes marketing is so simple, read this

You won’t believe how they did it.

An advertising agency increased sales for a UK Kraft cereal brand called Shreddies by 18%.

They didn’t change the formula, the size or the shape.

Here’s how they did it:

They turned the square shaped cereal 45 degrees and called it “Diamond Shreddies.”

Diamond Shreddies

Talk about marketing spin!  ;)

This resulted in an 18% increase in sales with taste testers claiming the “new” cereal was crunchier, more flavorful and more exciting.

Sometimes marketing is purely about perception.   Purely about what we name something or how we describe something.

What could you add a new description to?  What could you rename?

Share it with us!  You just might spark a great idea for another tiny business owner!


  1. Thanks Russ,

    Before I bought my URL I had a blogspot blog named “Finding Chocolate” When someone else bought that url I was forced to find another name and chose “Finding Fine Chocolate”. Although I am still pretty small, my activity immediately increased.

    You are right, a little spin seems to work wonders.


    Barbie recently posted..Best Chocolate Gift for a Coffee or Mocha LoverMy Profile

  2. Yep — it’s not just the gift inside but the wrapping paper on the outside that makes it special.
    Russ Henneberry recently posted..The Scalable Way To Lead Cold Leads To The SaleMy Profile

  3. Nice facelift and great ad campaign!
    Peggy Nehmen recently posted..Is it worth it?My Profile

  4. Great idea’s thank you

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