Social Media: Time Drain or Referral Machine?

Here’s what I saw when I started my tiny business…

Social Networking Referral Machine

Twitter Referral
Twitter Referral Gig


Twitter Referral
Facebook Meeting


What are you seeing?  Time drain, referral machine or somewhere in between?


  1. Russ, the question is – what were you doing to build these relathionships and make these referrals happen? I’m sure you weren’t just reposting funny jokes and photos, right?
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    • First — banana chocolate chip pancakes! Yummy! That recipe looks awesome! My kids are going to get a nice surprise this Sunday! :)

      Second – What I was (and still am) doing to get sales, leads and referrals is a BIG question. :) But, in a nutshell, I create content on my blog that displays my expertise and I distribute it through these social networks, email and face to face.

      And you’ve heard that before. But I think I should point out that I rarely get referrals or leads through social media from a person that I have not met face to face. This is why I am such a huge advocate of public speaking. Public speaking is a VERY powerful way to generate sales, leads and referrals through content marketing.

      What about you Barbie? Do you see any ROI in your social media time?

  2. Janine Beattie says:

    Interesting blog Russ, I can see how someone would see this as a time drain, but I see opportunity. Also I believe over time you get to know the good ones and the not so good ones and if it is from someone you know, it is more likely to be better qualified! I agree, rarely do you see anything coming direct from social media from someone you have never met… it has happened to me once. But I like you use my blog and then spread the word via social channels… you can’t beat face to face networking! Thanks for an interesting article. Janine

    • That’s exactly how I feel Janine! I am connected with a number of people via social media that I have never met face to face and there is clearly a stronger bond when I have met someone in person — even if it is just briefly.

  3. Time drain!

    Ok, for many businesses, it’s a time drain *unless* they put the time in. LOTS of time in. But as we know, most business owners are busy running their business, and they’ll never have time to “build relationships” on twitter.

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