Would You Trust Your Own Website?

trust-loses-itIt has been said that the web has both the LEAST credible information available and the MOST credible information available.

You know this to be true and you can spot it a mile away.

You have seen untrustworthy websites and made the decision in a split second to hit the “BACK” button on your browser and look for something more credible.

Would You Trust Your Own Website?

Go ahead… visit your website with fresh eyes and ask yourself – Would you trust this website?

If you hesitate for even one second there is cause for concern.  After all, you are extremely biased.

Signs Of An Untrustworthy Website

  • Spelling and Grammar Errors -  It is said that spelling and grammar errors will rob you of credibility one mistake at a time.  I know… I know…  there are certainly several spelling and grammar errors on this website but I like to think that I am extra careful to ensure that my posts read fairly well.
  • Poor Design -  Nothing makes me hit the back button on a business quicker than a poor website design.  I guess I feel that if this is the way you represent your own business — how will you represent mine?  What will be the quality of your work?
  • Lack of Content — When you visit a website with little or no content on it, it feels like a ghost town.  There is nothing happening and you may wonder if the company is still in business.  No articles, no audio, no video, no social media, no nothing.  Untrustworthy.
  • Lack of Contact Information – Have you ever been on a website that seems Anonymous.  A lack of a physical address, phone number, name of major players in the business is a sure sign of an untrustworthy site.

The Benefit Of A Credible Website

A website is often the first impression that a prospect will have of your small business.  It has the power to shape the attitude that the prospect has about your business.

We know the power of the first impression.  It is very difficult to change the perception formed at the outset of any relationship.

So — the question remains.  Would you trust your website?  Are you losing business due to a lack of credibility online?

For further exploration of this topic, take a quick spin through this presentation from B.J. Fogg a researcher at Stanford University.


  1. This is soooo true. I have hit the back button many times when the webpage was too bland and uninformative or…too loud and pushy.
    This is a psychological response to website browsing, but when a website reminds me of a used car lot, I run! I always want to say,”If I’m looking at your site, I probably need something from you or am interested in you”. If your site is blaring with “loudness” and “pushiness” it shows.
    Another big turnoff is the difficulty in navigating around a poorly set up business website.
    This is a great blog. Great reminder that there is more to business than just having a product or service.

  2. I almost always IMMEDIATELY leave any site that has auto play for audios or videos. Ugh. How rude.

    I usually have several windows open – waiting for a site to load. If some site on one of my browser tabs starts blaring at me, I have to click through the tabs to find that obnoxious site.


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